Hop on board the 'Mothership'

Posted on 12 Jun 2020

Happy release day Flying Horseman!

Ten years after their exceptional debut, we are proud to finally present you ‘Mothership’, out now on all platforms. The new Flying Horseman record is a collection of eight adventurous, colourful songs with a deep heart and a wide-open mind.  The sound manages to be transparent, direct and punchy, without sacrificing this unique band’s signature layering and mesmerising atmosphere. More than ever, all of the band members share the spotlight: the powerful and inventive rhythm section of Mattias Cré and Alfredo Bravo; the enchanting vocal harmonies, synth and guitar sounds of Loesje and Martha Maieu; the intense voice, labyrinthine lyrics and spellbinding guitar of Bert Dockx.               

Since the band unfortunately won’t be able to play the new music in front of an audience for a while, Handelsbeurs will be airing a live release concert on June 25. Click here for more info.