Tue 08/10/2013

Trixie Whitley - Never Enough

We are proud to present you the new Trixie Whitley video. Never Enough is the third single taken from her highly acclaimed debut album Fourth Corner.
Never Enough is more than a music video though. It is also the first chapter of a musical short film Trixie and director Steven Lippman are working on.
It was shot in a country house in Pennsylvania, using nothing but analog Super 8 film. Famous Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester provided some of her latest creations for Trixie to wear in the video.

This is how director Steven Lippman puts it:
The "Never Enough" film is the first episode of an ongoing creative adventure of experimentation with Super 8 film, conversation and ambient sounds.    
Shooting with Super 8mm is what I imagine memory to look like.  There are no playback monitors to analyze takes, and, as I prefer, no storyboards. It's just what we have in our heads and what we see through the camera's not always reliable viewfinder. There is tension working this way. Disorder and elation in losing absolute control.
There's more to come. Likely in chapters. We know there'll be a canvas of instinctive and mysterious moments to work with to create the whole mosaic. To explain more wouldn't be fun at all.   

Tue 08/10/2013

Flying Horseman – City

Flying Horseman has a new album ready. Their third record will be entitled City Same City, and it will be released October 14 on Unday. We’re really blown away by the result, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Philippe Werkers, who you may recall from his visual efforts for Dans Dans, Blackie & The Oohoos and Flying Horseman, has made a video for the opening track of the new album. City is seven minutes of urban desert blues.

Tue 08/10/2013

Maya’s Moving Castle – Sky is Blue

The two girls in Maya's Moving Castle have recorded this intimate duo version of their wonderful track 'Sky's Blue'. In a church! We sure like it a lot. So does De Standaard

Wed 19/06/2013

I Will, I Swear - Sleep (video)

Yesterday Invisible Children premiered I Will I Swear’s new video. 'Sleep' is the B-side of their debut single on Unday Records, though the only reason for that is that a record can only hold one A-side. 
I Will I Swear’s previous video for ‘Long Days’ touched hearts all over the globe, and now Sophie Lang’s video for ‘Sleep’ completes this touching diptych.
Find out more about the video and the band in an interview they did with Invisible Children. Read it here!  I will, I  swear’s debut single “Long Days/Sleep” is out on Unday Records (iTunes).

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