Wed 03/04/2013

Ian Clement drops debut album

The wait is over. Drawing Daggers is out now and waiting for you to discover it and dig it and cherish it.
Get it on cd / vinyl+cd at your local record shop or on iTunes
The first press feedback is also coming in and it’s no less than excellent. Drawing Daggers is album of the week at De Standaard. Read their introduction and the brilliant review here
Ian and his drummer also paid a visit to the Studio Brussel studio’s last week to play a couple of songs off of Drawing Daggers. They played this wonderful version of ‘The Hammer and the Nail’.

Wed 03/04/2013

Unday presents: I will, I swear

It doesn’t happen too often that a song grabs you by the throat in seconds. That’s exactly what happened to us when we heard I Will, I Swear’s track Long Days for the first time.
This intriguing boy / girl duo operates from Gent, Belgium and they have just finished recording their first songs together. Delicate tunes drenched in gloom with vocals that will leave anyone silent.
Their debut single "Long Days/Sleep" is out on iTunes today. A limited 7" vinyl single is on its way. We’ll keep you posted.

Wed 03/04/2013

Unday Spotify playlist

We recently created our own Unday Records Spotify playlist.
If you’d like to get familiar with all the artists on our label, head over there and give it a spin. Subscribe if you like what you hear, we’ll update the playlist regularly.

Wed 06/03/2013

Unday welcomes Dans Dans

(Photo (c) Philippe Werkers)

And now for something completely different.
The extraordinary trio Dans Dans is the latest addition to the Unday roster.
Their second abum I/II, produced by Koen Gisen, is being released on Unday Records April 22nd.
From garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll: the labels that get thrown at Dans Dans give a pretty good indication of their eclecticism. We’re not even trying to name it.
Just like their much acclaimed eponymous debut album, the new record will not only feature their own compositions, but also covers, this time of Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt, David Bowie, Morricone, Mingus, Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra.

Go see them live and you'll leave the concert hall a different person. (De Morgen)
Complex improvisations that encompass melancholy and rage. (De Volkskrant)
(…) Simply the most exciting thing you can see onstage in Belgium right now. (Gonzo (circus))

Stay close, we’ll be back soon with more. Stoked!

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