Fri 23/11/2018

- Introducing Jan Verstraeten -

Unday proudly presents 'Moon Face', the first single and video from Jan Verstraeten. This talented musician and visual artist wrote the music, created the video and designed all of the artwork himself.

Jan Verstraeten wrote ‘Moon Face’ as the soundtrack to a fictional road movie starring a handcrafted ‘motorcycle-home’ he invented. You can sense the pulse of torn roads and the murmur of the wind while the landscape vaguely rages past. The horn and string arrangements have the lightness of a Disney movie, neatly interwoven with a threatening undertone reminiscent of old westerns. Whether the movie will ever be made remains unclear, but the nauseating music video hands you an idea of what the trip might look like...

Jan Verstraeten (1989) is a visual artist and a songwriter. ‘Moon Face’ is his solo debut and a first glance of his upcoming first EP on Unday Records. | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.