Fri 26/10/2018

- Faces on TV release 'Looking Glass' EP -

Faces on TV finish a new single and kick off their fall tour.
The successor to ‘The Image of Boy Wonder’ and ‘Dancing After All’ is here. Faces on TV’s new single ‘Looking Glass’ is a sultry soundtrack to a wild night out. The track was already featured on the album, but was completely reworked by Jasper for this opportunity. The new version is road tested and even more epic and mysterious than the original.

Pale Grey, our friends from Liège, did a synth-heavy remix of ‘Looking Glass’ on the B-side. Same party, different drugs.

Check out Faces on TV on the road
09.11 / C-Mine, Genk (BE)
10.11 / Cactus Club, Brugge (BE)
16.11 / Vooruit, Gent (BE)
17.11 / Made In Belgium, Bergen Op Zoom (NL)
22.11 / Trix, Antwerpen (BE)
23.11 / Reflektor, Liège (BE)
29.11 / Altstadt, Eindhoven (NL)
30.11 / Ekko, Utrecht (NL)
13.12 / Merleyn, Nijmegen (NL)
15.12 / Rotown, Rotterdam (NL)

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