Mon 10/09/2018

- Ivy Falls new video 'Fight Me' -

'Fight Me' is the latest single from Ivy Falls on Unday Records. A minimalist pop song stirring up a melancholic fight, this is Ivy’s personal ode to the introverted underdog. She wants to display authenticity and a stubborn attitude, saying loud and clear: why change your game for anyone?

Ivy Falls coproduced this track with Amatorski’s Sebastiaan Van den Branden, who adds a refreshing twist to Ivy Falls’ sound. Finishing touches come from the incredible Dijf Sanders, who adds organic textures and vibrancy.

The video premiered on De Morgen

"I wanted something clean and simple yet powerful to be the video for this song 'Fight Me'. Director Valéry Joseph came up with the idea. Just like the music itself, it is pure, restrained and unadorned. Thats fits my style and the atmosphere I want to set. 'Fight Me' is a song about getting into a fight while not really fighting at all. About letting go of others' opinions and the current in which you're supposed to flow. As for all Ivy Falls videos I also like to draw people's attention to the lyrics, and I feel a video like this accomodates that." | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.