Pauwel's campfire session

Posted on 15 Jul 2020

Pauwel recorded this campfire session version of his new single 'Molly' in his garden. ‘Molly’ will be part of his debut EP for Unday Records due after the summer. The single is out on all portals:

"Molly is the story of a good friend of mine I grew up with. Molly was the only other kid in the neighborhood that could get into our treehouse. First we didn’t call him Molly but Monkey."

A while back, Pauwel quit playing music. He went through rough times, his mother became severely ill and in his darkest days he decided to let go of his musical ambitions. Some time later, he had to reconsider. Pauwel realised that music makes him the man he is, and it helps him to ease the turmoil in his head. He decided to translate his misfortune and doubts into new music. His new tunes - about his demons and the hopelessness - sound more urgent and intense than ever before.