New music from Elias

Posted on 04 May 2021

You might know Elias as the drummer for Nordmann, SUWI, Hypochristmutreefuzz, John Ghost, Hast or Robbing Millions. He has been working hard on his first ever solo music lately. Today we get to share his new single 'South'. 

29 years old Belgian drummer Elias Devoldere has been playing clubs and festivals across Europe for the past ten years. He was also invited to create soundtracks for dance performances and theatre quite often, which in hindsight turns out to have been be the starting point (and inspiration) for his upcoming solo debut. After tinkering with his own music for quite some time, Elias is ready to reveal that long-awaited project.

‘South’ is the very first song Elias ever wrote. It came to him in a period of transition in his life and it’s about getting rid of the ghost that keeps you imprisoned in the past. You might call it a break up song albeit a very sinister one. The contemplative tune drags you through the storm towards a bright spell at the end. ‘South’ is the second track we get to unveil from Elias’ upcoming debut. 

Elias' impressive debut EP will be released on Unday after the summer. The five tracks were produced by Elias and mixed by Jasper Maekelberg.