Intergalactic Lovers are back, meet Bobbi

Posted on 09 Jul 2021

4 years after the release of their third album ‘Exhale’, the unbreakable foursome is ready to kick off the next chapter in their Intergalactic love story. After a long hiatus, some personal setbacks and a nasty encounter with Covid19, it took the band persistence and reinvigoration to get back on its feet. The future is bright though, Intergalactic Lovers have been cooking up an illuminated new album and they’re ready to hit the road once more.

The new music sounds familiar and refreshing at the same time. More than ever before, the Lovers are aiming for the hips, and they’re introducing a bunch of electronic textures in the process. Their signature harmonies and Lara Chedraoui’s soothing vocals tie everything together. It’s fair to say this is a seamless transgression into new musical territory without losing touch of their indie pop legacy.

First single Bobbi is a song about love in all its forms. It marks their return to the stage and their beloved audience. And that return can’t come soon enough.
As Lara puts it:

"As corny as this may sound, Bobbi is part of the vast magic we all know as l-o-v-e. And boy are we in need of some love right now. Consider Bobbi as your daily dose of nature and life, your companion in dark and light. It is meant as a reminder that in weird and alienating times, Love – aka Bobbi aka any person / animal / plant you pick as your love – will always be ever present.
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Spread the word; love is a-coming!"