Hydrogen Sea’s ‘End Up’ is the theme song of new ‘Black-out’ series

Posted on 20 Nov 2020

Hydrogen Sea present ‘End Up’ and ‘Indigo World’, one brand new song and one trip down memory lane. Listen HERE.

‘End Up’ is a track first released on Hydrogen Sea’s ‘Court the Dark’ EP (2014). It is now the theme song for ‘Black-out’, a prestigious new primetime fiction series that premieres this Sunday on Belgian national television EEN. ‘End Up’ is a mesmerizing ode to the dark, as well as a quest for finding someone you can share the magic of the night with.

‘Indigo World’ taps into the feeling of waiting for the one you love to safely return home, and evokes an exquisite winter landscape of mountains and trees covered in frost and longing.



Revisiting their duo universe, Hydrogen Sea’s upcoming ‘Symbiosis’ EP (Jan 29) is a search for re-connection with the natural world, conjured up by Birsen’s enchanting voice and Pj’s sumptuous piano play. More on that soon!