Faces on TV wants to keep you close

Posted on 21 Aug 2020

Faces on TV was invited by superstar photographer Stephan Vanfleteren to visit his exposition at FoMu Antwerp and create a new song inspired by one of the works. 'Keep Me Close' is the story that came out. Here's the full story.

The song became a tale about hiding your flaws and pretending to be a better version of yourself while underneath it all the universal need of a true connection slumbers.

'Keep Me Close' will be the title track of Faces on TV's upcoming EP, due in October. He will be playing a string of live gigs to present the record. 



August 28 – Berlin, Reeperbahn DE
August 30 – Mechelen, Predikeren museum BE
October 03 - Namen, Belvedere BE
October 10 - Bucharest, Expirat, RO
October 12 - Amsterdam, Melkweg, NL
October 14 - Copenhagen, Musikcafeen, DK
October 16 - Berlin, Musik & Frieden, DE
October 17 - Hamburg, Nochtwache, DE
October 19 - Brno, Kabinet Muz, CZ
October 20 - Prague, Café V Lese, CZ
October 22 - Lausanne, Bleu Lezard, CH
October 23 - Basel, Parterre One, CH
October 24 - Winterthur, Albani, CH
October 28 - Hasselt, MOD, BE*
October 29 - Paris, L'international, FR
November 06 - Brugge, Cactus BE*
November 11 - Brussel, AB BE*
November 14 - Antwerp, Trix BE*
November 17 - Ghent, Vooruit BE*
* = full band show