BLUAI unveil one more single from their upcoming debut

Posted on 23 Sep 2022

One last track before BLUAI's debut EP drops.
The girls in Bluai continue their glorious year with the release of One Night. The fourth single from Belgium’s most enchanting girl band is an edgy rock song that saw the light of day when singer Catherine wrote through an impossible crush in her parents' staircase. In the meantime it has grown into a powerful song. Whoever thought that Bluai only plays charming indie folk should reconsider. On One Night, the signature dreamy vocals and bittersweet lyrics are countered by angular riffs and an overall nineties slacker vibe. The Belgian answer to Phoebe Bridgers, if you will.
One Night is also the odd one out on Junkyard, Bluai's debut EP, which will be released on Unday Records October 28. Junkyard is a collection of six songs that form an emotional, yet hopeful wrecking yard. But it's also the end of a chapter. Where the songs on Junkyard were still written by Catherine alone, the band is now writing new material together. One Night is a first taste of what is to come.