Wed 09/07/2014

Hydrogen Sea – Wear Out

"Wear Out is the second single released from 'Court The Dark', the new release from the Brussels-based duo Hydrogen Sea. While the deft electronica which underpins the track is both elegant crafted and laced with melancholy, it’s the gorgeous lead vocal of Birsen Uçar which truly hooks you in as it rides high above the rest of the track, casting a magical shadow with every breathy sigh she delivers."
These nice words come from Gold Flake Paint, one of the many love letters we received for Hydrogen Sea these last days.
Find Wear Out on YouTube / iTunes / vinyl

Tue 29/04/2014

Yuko Album Out Now.

Almost three years since their latest release, we couldn’t be happier to announce the new Yuko album has finally hit the shelves. ‘Long Sleeves Cause Accidents’ has become a fascinating and layered tale, told by an engaging band with an attitude. Resulting in an album that just might be their best so far, we strongly recommend to have a listen.
We are glad to see all the great feedback we received so far on this record (Dots & Dashes, De MorgenFocus Knack, RifRaf, Het NieuwsbladEnola, IndiestyleDaMusic, Goute Mes Discques, Le Soir, Cobra, De Standaard and so many others). 
Yuko paid a visit to Select on Studio Brussel to talk about 'Long Sleeves Cause Accidents'. Listen to the interview and a few tracks here. While you're at it, here's a nice backstage report from the album release show in Gent.

‘Long Sleeves Cause Accidents’ is available on cd , vinyl + cd and iTunes.
Try before you buy at the Unday Soundcloud page.

Mon 28/04/2014

Welcome to the Unday Records Store.

We get numerous inquiries on where to buy Unday stuff online, so we thought we’d build our own shop. We have just launched the Unday Records Store. You’ll find all of our releases, on cd and on vinyl, shipping worldwide at the best rates. Have a look, we are stocking the very last copies of some limited editions. At your service!

Mon 31/03/2014

Hydrogen Sea Presents : Court The Dark.

Hydrogen Sea's debut EP Court The Dark is out today. The Brussels based duo also launches the video for opening track Leave A Mark.

We introduced this young duo a while back with their Unday debut track End Up. We are stoked to release their first EP on Unday. Court The Dark contains five gloomy and glistering songs produced by Koen Gisen (An Pierlé, The Bony King Of Nowhere). A limited edition on coloured vinyl will be released on Record Store Day (April 19).
Buy Court The Dark on iTunes
Listen to the EP on Soundcloud 
Watch the video 

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