- Go March-

Instrumental and meticulous – yet exciting – trio hailing from Antwerp. Mogwai meets Kraftwerk synthesis yet with all the futuristic propulsions of a new, fresh and hungry band making music not just for 2015 but for beyond.
Released their debut album on Unday October ‘15. Give them a spin.

- Het Zesde Metaal -

The band around Wannes Cappelle debuted on Unday in 2014 with their third album ‘Nie Voe Kinders’. Wannes sings in dialect, though oddly enough this never imposes any boundaries on the band’s universal music, for there is truth in each syllable and every note.
Het Zesde Metaal is an extraordinary singer and songwriter backed by an incredible band. They played tons of gigs in 2015 and are about to shift to writing mode. New music coming up in 2016.

- Trixie Whitley -

Trixie Whitley is an American musician with Belgian roots. Her stunning vocal chords and impressive stage presence have earned her acclaim as a great talent worldwide, leading to collaborations with living legends: Robert Plant, Marianne Faithful, Joe Henry and Marc Ribot, to name a few. Trixie was also the lead singer of Black Dub, Daniel Lanois’ all-star band.
Her debut album ‘Fourth Corner’ went gold in Belgium in a matter of days, the acclaimed follow up Porta Bohemica was released last October.

- Flying Horseman -

Flying Horseman is the 6 piece band around singer-songwriter Bert Dockx. Flying Horseman’s second album ‘Twist’ was released on Unday in 2012, the beginning of a beautiful love story. We have released everything Bert has produced ever since, as Strand, with Dans Dans and with Flying Horseman. The 3rd Horseman record on Unday is entitled ‘Night Is Long’ and was released in October 2015. It got raving reviews all over the place and was awarded best album of the year in Focus Knack.

- Blackie & the Oohoos -

Martha and Loesje Maieu are known as the spellbinding backing singers and synth players of Antwerp’s finest Flying Horseman, but their own band remains their main focus. And with that band, they have just finished an extraordinary new album.
Sounding dark, hypnotic and notably more electronic than before, the two sisters’ new songs are drenched in synths and melancholy.
Their new album Lacuna is due February 2016.

- I Will, I Swear -

It doesn’t happen too often that a song grabs you by the throat in seconds. That’s exactly what happened to us when we heard I Will, I Swear’s track Long Days for the first time. This intriguing boy / girl duo operates from Gent, Belgium and has released their debut EP in 2015. Delicate tunes drenched in gloom with vocals that will leave anyone silent. Their remarkable sound caught the attention of many blogs all over the world. I Will, I Swear’s strongly anticipated debut album is expected in 2016.

- Dans Dans -

The extraordinary trio Dans Dans are impossible to pin down. From garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll: the labels that get thrown at Dans Dans give a pretty good indication of their eclecticism. We’re not even trying to name it. Featuring Fred – Lyenn – Jacques (Lyenn, Lanegan band), Steven Cassiers (Dez Mona) and Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman).
They have released three albums to great acclaim, their fourth album is expected in 2016.

- Hydrogen Sea -

Hydrogen Sea = multi-instrumentalist PJ Seaux and singer Birsen Uçar. PJ plays guitar, triggers the wavy synths and drops the (gentle) beats. All at once. Birsen complements their distinctive sound with her ethereal vocals and moony lyrics. Their debut ep ‘Court The Dark’ opened the door to the blogosphere and national radio success. They are working on a debut album due in 2016.

- Imaginary Family -

Imaginary Family is the moniker of Joanna Isselé.
Just a few years ago, Joanna was given an acoustic guitar as a present. She started writing songs, about delinquent cowboys, lonely neighbors and bird watchers. Being left-handed, she taught herself to play the right-handed guitar upside down. It defines her peculiar sound, which is delicate, unadorned and moving.
Imaginary Family’s wonderful debut 5-track EP ‘Hidden’ came out in Autumn 2012 with help from Yuko’s frontman Kristof Deneijs. Her single ‘The Bird Watcher’ came with a beautiful animated video, directed by Dries Bastiaensen.

- Yuko -

Yuko is the ever evolving, talented band around Kristof Deneijs. In his musical output he is always exploring boundaries and looking to create captivating music while avoiding the obvious. Yuko equals introvert music, inventive, surreal and melancholic. The band released their second album ‘As If We Were Dancing’ on Unday Records in 2011 and the stunning follow up ‘Long Sleeves Cause Accidents’ in 2014.

- Ian Clement -

IIan Clement is no stranger, as he is part of Belgian rock trio Wallace Vanborn. His solo work is something entirely different and far more intimate though – consider it to be his Dr. Jekyll contrary to the Mr. Hyde he unleashes in Wallace Vanborn.
‘Drawing Daggers’ was recorded during a six month session in the midst of the woods in the south of Belgium with producer Peter Obbels and features contributions by Karel De Backer (Novastar, Mangold), Wouter Van Belle (Dead Man Ray), Jon Birdsong (Beck) and Lara Chedraoui (Intergalactic Lovers). Fans of singer-songwriters like Mark Lanegan, Dan Auerbach and Edward Sharpe will fall head over heels for Ian’s intriguing story-telling.
‘Drawing Daggers’, released on April 1th 2013, combines true craftsmanship with lots of soul, authenticity and a sincere heart – a record that draws the listener into a dark yet warm world.

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